Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Clinic: Many people in our region experience significant barriers to accessing care, most notably the lack of insurance and difficult work schedules. Casa’s team of volunteer physicians and providers, supported by paid medical staff, provides on-site basic primary care seven days a week and for a flat fee of $35, treating acute problems and assisting patients with chronic disease management

  • Medical care for episodic and chronic conditions;
  • Limited specialty care including psychiatry, gynecology, dermatology, and others
  • Basic screening and prevention services
  • Dietetic/nutrition counseling

GUIA: The U.S. healthcare system can be difficult to navigate, even for those with no impediments to access. The people we serve, however, are usually unfamiliar with how the system works, and have additional barriers such as language, transportation, and poor health literacy. Our Guides for Understanding, Information & Access program helps by providing case management for patients who are referred to our collaborative partners for care. This includes appointment setting, accompanying patients to their appointments, and helping them obtain financial assistance.

  • Referrals to other health care facilities
  • Navigation (accompaniment) to appointments at other health care facilities
  • Support with financial assistance for health care
  • Patient advocacy