Mental Health Collaborative

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  • Facilitate access for mental health services by amplifying our existing model for clinical care to include on-site, partner-provided mental health care.
  • Expand the capacity of the mental health system in St. Louis to provide services to the underserved and foreign-born communities, with a special emphasis on Latinos.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of student opportunities within the mental health field and enhance the advanced training of mental health professionals in St. Louis.


Provider Partners:

  • SLU Family Therapy Program
  • St. Francis Community Services
  • St. Louis Center for Family Development
  • St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Bilingual International Assistant Services


Provider Partner Summaries

Bilingual International Assistant Services: Founded as a response to the unmet needs of foreign-born seniors who had limited ability in the English language, were unable to navigate the intricate system of care, and often voiced fear over their future and livelihood.  Now the organization also helps foreign-born communities with therapists who focus on improving anxiety and/or depression symptoms that may be experienced as a result of, or in addition to, dealing with severe health problems.

Medical Family Therapy Program:  This program resides within the Department of Family and Community Medicine of Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine. It is designed to train license-eligible Master’s students in marriage and family therapy and doctoral students who are academicians and clinicians in mental health and primary care settings.


Saint Francis Community Services:  Provides bilingual, culturally competent mental health counseling to Latino immigrants and their families in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  Therapists are highly trained and experienced bilingual, Spanish-speaking counselors who use evidence-based practices with children, adolescents, and adults.  Clients are engaged in all modalities as therapists treat individuals, couples, families, and groups. Service program has been proven to improve the mental health and functioning of Latino clients, allowing them to more fully engage in their families and their communities.

St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute:  An educational center providing psychoanalytically oriented, professional training and continuing education through graduate, post-graduate and community education courses. The aim of the Institute is to support healthy development of the mind and emotions. Dynamic partnerships are forged between therapist and patient, teacher and student, parent and child.  The Institute also runs the Schiele Clinic which offers high-quality, in-depth professional assessment and treatment on a sliding-fee basis.