Q: Does Casa serve only Hispanics?
A: No, Casa serves anyone who is uninsured.  Because of the particular issues (such as cultural competency, language, and status) faced by this community, Casa focuses on Hispanics.  But we have a broader mission for the foreign born and, beyond that, to underserved communities who find themselves without access to health insurance.

Q: Does Casa serve children?
A: No, but we collaborate with on-site partners for dental and eye care, as well as access to nutrition through a WIC program.  In addition, People’s Health Centers makes appointments available to us at their Delmar clinic.

Q: Does Casa receive government funding?
A: No, Casa does not receive any federal, state, or local government funds.  We rely on the generosity of regional foundations, corporations and private donors for our sustainability.

Q: How can I find out more information about Casa?

A:For questions concerning medication refills or to speak with our Lead Nurse, Rosemary Hamlin, please contact, 314-977-1263
For patient advocacy questions, contact Ophelia Velasquez, 314-977-1266
For questions about volunteering, contact Melissa Forrester 314-977-1254
For questions about presentations or community partnerships, contact Kevin Gomez 314-977-1258
For questions about development or media, contact Diego Abente 314-977-1200

For appointments/patient inquiries, 314-977-1250